Welcome to the website of International Rio School.
Rio International School is located in Rio de Janeiro,the second largest city in Brazil,and we are proud to be an international community representing different nationalities. Our mission is to offer good –quality education and to develop lifelong learners and global citizens who are ready to face the challenges of our fast-changing world.
In this website,you can find information about the people and the work in our school,but not hesitate contact us if you have any questions and comments.
Answer in English:
1)Onde se localiza a “International Rio School”?
2)Qual é a missão da escola?
3)O que você pode encontrar nesta pagina de Internet?

4)Que palavra em Inglês se traduz como “pagina da Internet”:
(A  )Welcome                ( B )World                                (C)Website                                         (D)who
5)Lifelong-citizen é o mesmo que:
(A) vida inteira- cinzeiro          (B) vida breve-cidadão              (C) vida curta-cidadão                     (D) vida inteira-cidadão.

I am-I have- I can

a)Hi! I_________Greg.I___________many friends.                             b)I_________speak English with my teacher.

8)Eu tenho um computador.Qual é a tradução exata para esta frase.
(A) I can a computer                     (B)I have a computer            (C) I am  a computer                                  (D)I play a computer

10) Encontre os verbos: